How to find a place to live

How to find a place to live?

At this time of year many students are looking for a place to live in one of the student cities. It’s therefore not always easy to find one. The key to success is to start looking early.

Two years ago Erasmus Magazine teamed up with Yournalism (a crowdfunding platform for investigative journalism) and ten other higher education media for an investigation into the student housing market. In an extensive survey they interviewed almost a thousand students, including 124 in Rotterdam. And thanks to a so-called scraper they were able to analyse the rooms, studios, and apartments that were offered on Kamernet and the websites of housing corporations that summer. Some of the findings:

-       Students normally spend 52% of their income on rent.

-       On average a room costs about €22 per square metre.

-       It's best to start looking three months in advance.

-       Use this link to find housing agencies and housing platforms.

-       International students must know student housing in the Netherlands is not arranged by the university, but your own responsibility. There are reserved spots for about 25% of incoming internationals.

-       Most arrange housing directly with landlords via the private market.

-       The EUR housing team works hard to make it easier for you. 

You can read the full report here. Good luck!


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