How to improve campus life? This is what you think

Your ideas on how to improve campus life

When we asked you for ideas to improve campus life, this is what you came up with. (Suggestions, by the way, are still welcome. Put them in the idea box in the library.)

* Turn the pond into an eco pond (fish and plants cleaning the water)
* Water fountains at the tennis courts
* A bouncy castle
* Reservation system for library spots
* Large umbrellas for when it is raining
* More (clean) microwaves on campus for students that bring their own food
* Day beds
* Wifi in the park
* Clean the toilettes more frequently
* More dinner opportunities
* Good pasta place (Vapiano style)
* More recent information about campus development in general
* More recycling bins
* More study spots
* More veggie foods
* Better coffee
* AH To Go instead of Spar
* More clear indications of buildings for visitors
* Better, more stable wifi
* Computer rooms that are free all day long so you do not need to move every 2 hours
* Food plaza/cafeteria that can accommodate the growing student body
* More indoor places to sit and hang out or study
* Rice and chicken instead of unhealthy ‘kapsalon’
* More benches
* A coffee shop on campus
* Make the study associations more visible
* Make campus more colourful
* A 24/7 open library
* Less strict timers in the toilets of the pavilion
* Live music on campus during summer
* More, and covered, bicycle parking area’s
* Power stations to study outside with laptop
* Less use of plastic by Spar
* Recycle plastic & glass
* No disposable coffee cups
* Free popsicles when it's hot
* More events
* Recycle bins for plastic
* By all means: keep Starbucks


Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions!




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