This is how much you will earn after graduation

Erasmus University has the best-paid graduates in the Netherlands

How much money will you make after graduation? Well, more than you would if you were studying at a different university. Because students who graduate from Erasmus University Rotterdam on average earn more than those from any other university – in both the Netherlands and other countries.

If you were an average student from an average university, your lifetime income would be around €1,6 million, according to But you are not average. You are studying at Erasmus University. Therefore you’ll earn more than double that amount.


Highest paid graduates
The proof for that? Based on last year’s data from, Erasmus University is amongst the top 30 European universities with the highest paid graduates. According to their statistics EUR ranks number 13, followed by the universities of Bristol (14), Cambridge (15), Oxford (16), and Maastricht (19).


Top salaries by job
The average salary for Erasmus University Rotterdam alumni and graduates is €75,000 per year, with Financial Services professionals being the highest paid at €97,000 yearly. The lowest paid EUR alumni and graduates are Consulting, Accounting and Professional Services professionals at €47,000.


Top Salaries by Degree
Rotterdam graduates who earn the lowest salaries are those with a Bachelor of Science degree, making €63,000 yearly. The best paying degree at Erasmus University Rotterdam is the Executive MBA, with alumni earning an average income of €125,000 a year.


Lifetime Earnings
Let's presume you’ll start working at 23 and retire at 70. And let's presume you’ll earn the average Erasmus University graduate salary of €75,000. That will make you €3.5 million in a lifetime. So you're practically a millionaire already. Better start ordering that Porsche or Chanel dress…


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