International Social Housing Festival: Affordable Housing Today, Better Communities Tomorrow

After nine enriching days, more than 50 events organized by 45 partners, equalling more than 250 hours of programming at nine different venues, the first International Social Housing Festival has come to an end. 

We are happy to share that from more than 50 different countries no less than 1200  people attended, including policymakers, housing associations, local and international tenant unions, non-profit organizations, activists, bankers, students, researchers, architects, developers, and private businesses.

The festival enlightened us to the fact that we are increasingly facing an egregious challenge, both in Europe, as well as in the rest of the world, to provide affordable housing for all. In Western countries, a large influx to cities exerts enormous pressure on local housing markets, leading to increasing segregation and exclusion of vulnerable populations. In the Global South, the rapid urbanization of cities contributes to a rising number of people living in urban slums. Creating equal and affordable housing systems, especially for vulnerable populations, should be high on the agenda, and needs to be discussed broadly and consistently.

Therefore, we are proud to announce that housing associations and the municipality of Lyon have offered to organize a second edition of the International Social Housing Festival, due to be held in 2019 in Lyon, France. In the coming two years leading up to this event, we will continue debating the future of social housing and advocating for the necessity of proper and affordable housing for all.


The ISHF is a joint initiative by

Museum Het Schip, Aedes-The Federation of Dutch Social Housing Associations, Housing Europe-the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing, the Amsterdam Federation of Housing Corporations and the Municipality of Amsterdam.

More information

For any queries please get in touch with the ISHF Communications Adviser, Marieke Brik at or Festival Director Pepijn Bakker at

Photo credit: Jose Neto

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