International students extremely satisfied with EUR

Rector magnificus Huibert Pols welcomes international students at the Official Welcome 2017

International students of Erasmus University Rotterdam are extremely satisfied with their university, a survey shows. To the general question: ‘Are you satisfied with Erasmus University?’ over 91 per cent answered positively. This becomes apparent from the latest International Student Barometer (ISB).

Eight higher education institutions participated in the ISB. Compared with the seven other institutions in this year’s ISB, Erasmus University has the highest overall average (84.5 per cent) when it comes to satisfaction. To the general question: ‘Are you satisfied with Erasmus University?’ over 91 per cent answered positively.

The international students are also very positive about their stay, support and help on arrival in Rotterdam. This includes such things as building a social life, making friends and student associations. It also concerns a feeling of safety and the availability of good connections. Students also value the welcome that they receive in Rotterdam and the university’s multi-cultural character. EUR came out on top across all these aspects.


The ISB also showed that finding affordable housing is a focus area for international students. This is probably due to the strained property market. Erasmus University is working on new policy regarding housing for international students now that the affordable supply is lagging behind demand. Through various market parties, Erasmus University was able to realise a significant expansion in the amount of accommodation available last year. An investigation is taking place as to whether this can be expanded.

EUR is also doing well from a European perspective (37 institutions participated from Europe), with relatively high scores for educational content, making new friends from other nationalities, social activities and multiculturalism. More details about the ISB are available in the attached results overview.

Staying in Rotterdam

Over a third of international students (36 per cent) at Erasmus University Rotterdam aims to continue studying or working in Rotterdam or the Netherlands. By continuing to study or work here, these highly educated students will make an important contribution to society and the economy in Rotterdam and the Netherlands.

Of that 36 per cent, almost 22 per cent aim to stay working for a shorter or longer period in the Netherlands. The ISB showed that a number of students is even considering living here permanently. 12 per cent also wanted to continue studying in Rotterdam, 2.5 per cent of international students aim to study elsewhere in the Netherlands.

World community

The student population at Erasmus University Rotterdam is becoming more and more diverse. Some 115 nationalities now study at the university. A high degree of diversity in the ‘international classroom’ is important to both the 23,000 Dutch and 5,600 International students. Education and research benefits from a wide diversity among our researchers, students and employees. Each individual brings his or her own opinions, knowledge and experience. An international classroom is good for the educational level and prepares students for work in an increasingly international working environment - even if they are not actually going to work abroad.

About the ISB

The ISB from i-graduate monitors and compares the decision-making, expectations, perceptions and intentions of international students from application to graduation. I-graduate collects feedback from over 3 million students. 2,640 international students participated from Erasmus University with a total of 11,417 students from the eight participating higher education institutions in the Netherlands.

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