International symposium on Global Redistribution and the Challenges of Externally Financing Social Policy and Development


The first international symposium of the AIDSOCPRO (Aiding Social Protection: the Political Economy of Externally Financing Social Policy in Developing Countries) research project.

The symposium will aim to address a series of big thematic questions related to the AIDSOCPRO research project.

It starts with the normative (and idealist) position that a scaling up global redistribution is urgently needed to confront the myriad challenges of contemporary development. Such scaling up arguably needs to go well beyond the meagre levels garnered by the current aid system, which in many respects has failed to induce any significant degree of global redistribution.

From this starting position (which may be contested at the symposium), we will address the following thematic questions:

  • If we accept the need for large scale global redistribution, how could or should this happen, particularly in light of the evolution of international financial and trade flows in developing countries today?
  • Despite its limited redistributive impact today, could the current aid system be fit for the purpose, or should other modalities of global redistribution be conceived and designed?
  • Should global redistributive flows be directed towards social expenditures in poor countries, e.g. social protection, or towards productive sectors?
  • What are the implications and consequences of directing aid towards social spending, in particular social protection, on the evolution of social policy in recipient countries, and on development more generally?


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The symposium is free to attend, but attendees are responsible for their own food, accommodation and transport costs.