Introduction blogger Diana Tiba

International Office - Laurin

Hello, beautiful people!

I’m Diana, a 21 years old media passionate from Romania. I am an IBCoM (Communication and Media) first year student and I must say that the heartbreaking decision that I had to face to leave my friends and everything I knew behind was by far both the hardest and the best thing that ever happened to me.

To tell you shortly about me, I am a goal achiever and a media and advertising addict. I always wanted to write and now the opportunity has finally arisen. I am an open-minded person, in love with adventure and quality time spent with beautiful people.

My posts will be about the international life and experiences in Rotterdam, traveling and how to survive university. I am more than happy to answer all future questions about the how/why/when/where. I can understand the struggle and the pressure of this big decision as I, myself, have been in this position not so long ago. Starting fresh and embracing the unknown is never easy and it takes a lot of courage to do the step outside the edge and enjoy the rush.

I cannot wait to further share my experiences here and to get to know you!

You will hear from me soon again! ?