Introduction blogger Sara Bregasi

Hey there!

My name’s Sara - the second most popular name for girls in Albania, the country where I come from. Believe me, I’ll try to make this column a bit more special than my name as a compensation.

A bit about myself: I’m now a third year International Business Administration student at RSM. I first discovered the Netherlands a few years ago during a road trip throughout Europe. I happened to visit a lot of other countries during that trip, including Italy, France and Spain, and finally decided to move to the Netherlands. Why? Rotterdam’s vibe simply cannot be compared to anything else - the buildings are awesome, the people are friendly, and I had heard great stories about RSM. Add to all this the fact that the campus looks, as the Dutchies would say, gezellig! It took me five months and over a dozen Dutch friends to understand the word, but I will still suggest you to Google it. Spoiler: it’s probably one of my favorite words in the world!

If you take a look at my picture, you’ll see the summary of my two years in the Netherlands: fun, an attempt to integrate into the Dutch culture - especially during King’s Day - and an ongoing struggle to take a good picture while trying not to be blown away by the wind!

Now about the column: I will generally talk about life in Rotterdam - if  you’re already my friend, you will probably know by now that I love to give detailed advice whenever I can. Apart from that, my topics will vary a lot from traveling tips, to my favorite events in Rotterdam, to personal development, to emerging businesses… and more. Another thing that I love almost as much as the topics I mentioned: summarizing! Therefore, expect the column to be very concise and contain only information that I find necessary.

Let’s do this! I’m looking forward to interacting with everybody and offering my help in order to make your international experience better!