Introduction blogger Silvia Minca

International Office - Laurin

Hi, Im Silvia. I am a second year IBEB student coming from Romania, Bucharest.

Up until one point, my life had little ups and downs; I spent my childhood and my early teenage years in the same city, having the same friends and being surrounded by my closest family members.

I guess one persons life really truly begins when they start exploring the whole wide world; I am utterly sure the most relevant moment in discovering myself was stepping outside my comfort zone and move to Rotterdam.

Why did I choose the Netherlands? Tough question. I have the feeling its boring to answer with its a nice place, I love the people, I think thats my type of country. But when it comes for me to say WHYI give the same old argumentation.

Everyone knows, everyone has slightly the same reasons, but few can express them through words.

Ill try though. And Ive been trying so hard to find my own reasons, but, eventually, all I can say is: I visited the Netherlands in 2014 with a high school project and I simply found the way people lived their lives very chill. I wanted to try that once. What made me think further about studying here, in Rotterdam? You knowpeople talk about Erasmus University. Even in Bucharest. Even in my circle of friends. And Im glad they talk. And Im glad I listened

Once I started my international lifestyle, I met people from literally all around the world. And I know you all did. Though, I had the feeling that I could get an idea about each and every country of this world just by meeting a person coming from there. And its true. Up until you actually visit that country and you see it with other eyes. Yours. I am now thinking: thats one reason why you never know until you try it on your own. And this might be one clarification to the question why did you choose the Netherlands?; I chose it because, from all the countries Ive visited in Europe, this one I found suitable for my student years. Ive heard pros and cons, its normal. Ive decided with my rationale. And yes, in Europe. Call me conservative, but I didnt want to get far away from home. For the moment, of course

Last but not least, I am now one of the new bloggers, which for me means an escapade from the study routine. Being an Economics student is, in my view, intriguing, full of dynamics. It taught me to analyze every life situation more critically. But, deep inside my heart, therell always be the writing which leads every day of mine; every thought I have, every dream, idea and every illusion, I write about it. Wherever. I write on a piece of paper and I forget it in a drawer. I write in an agenda. I write on my own blog. I write in my journal. The thing is I am never constant. I write when I feel like it and I have many drafts in my blog which Ive never posted. Ive always written for my own soul, not for the others.

But now Ive decided to share a tiny part of my world with you, dear internaut colleagues.