It's a wrap! NRC Live: ‘The future of learning’

During the events of NRC Live, current economic and social changes are reviewed from different angles: politics, business and science. They are looking for answers on complex questions and different subjects are being considered, for example sustainable economy and innovation & technology. During NRC Live on the 23th of November 2017, they focused on the future of learning.

During the day, more than 300 professionals gathered to join lectures, interactive sessions and discussions to discuss the future of learning by different angles. They tried to find the next step in creating the ideal learning environment for e.g. students and teachers.

The different kind of sessions concentrated on the possibilities in educational technologies, learning communities and digital skills. During the interactive session with Marsha Wagner and Daniel Wortel, different professionals got the opportunity to create small communities and to exchange knowledge. Further, the event focused on the change in methods of teaching: from a learning-factory to personal, stimulating and meaningful education. It is important that the environment in which teachers learn and teach, continuously adapt to the fast changing environment. This can be done by educational innovations, which focus on the student and teacher.

SURF-director Erwin Bleumink argues that there is a lake full of technologies, which might help education to stimulates everyone’s talents. Technology will support the student in what they will learn (freedom of choice in content) and how they will do it (at their own timeslot, place and level).

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