Johannes von Engelhardt at Universiteit van Nederland: which news images make us donate to charity?

Every day we are confronted with images of war, famine, and natural disasters. Which images of human suffering are still touching to us? And which images make us donate to charity? Media scientist and ERMeCC PhD Johannes von Engelhardt gave a lecture on this subject in the television show Universiteit van Nederland (University of the Netherlands). Click here to watch the lecture (in Dutch).

In the series of lectures around the theme of 'disasters', the following other scientists spoke as well: 

  • How do you prevent a disaster with a nuclear plant, missiles or weir?
    Prof. dr. marko van Eekelen (OU, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)
  • How do we make sure an ambulance reaches its destination even faster?
    Prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
  • How do you figure out what happened exactly in a plane crash? Ir. Joris Melkert
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