Join the EDSC Student Challenge!

During your studies the EDSC can help you with questions regarding data. We offer financial databases you can consult for your assignments and theses.

Tell me more about this challenge!
Over the course of three weeks we will ask you ten multiple choice questions per week. The questions will be about the EDSC, the databases and services. Almost all the answers to these questions can be found on our website. Sometimes you need to use our databases in EDSC Office (Y03-17) or Bloomberg Class (Y03-18) in the Polak Building.

What's in it for me?

Each week small prizes (usb sticks and powerbanks) will be allotted to the top participants of that week. Students that have participated in all three rounds compete for the overall prizes. The personal scores will be posted weekly on the EDSC website.

  Overall Prizes 1st Samsung tablet 2nd Kobo e-reader 3rd Sennheiser headphone

The official honoring of the winners will be at the end of the month.