Journal Citation Reports 2015 have been released

Journal Citation Reports 2015 have been released

The Journal Citation Reports 2015 (JCR), with the Journal Impact Factors of 2014, have been released and are available on the InCites platform.

Access to JCR has changed

The access to the Journal Citation Reports has changed: Erasmus University and ErasmusMC researchers and research support staff can use the InCites platform to access JCR. You can also start from within Web of Science: in the black bar on top of the page you can link to the Journal Citation Reports. On the full record pages in Web of Science you find direct links to the Journal Citation reports entry for the journal the record is published in (if the journal is covered by JCR).

This Quick Tour is highly recommended to get an idea of how to use JCR on the InCites platform.

New in this release of JCR

New features in this release include:

272 Journals, including ‘European Journal for Philosophy of Science’, ‘Evaluation’ and ‘Frontiers in Neuroscience’ received their first Journal Impact Factor. A list of the new titles in the JCR is available here and a list of all journals here.

39 Titles have been suppressed: no metrics are published for these titles, due to anomalous citation patters in the 2014 citation data. General information about title suppression can be found here, the list of suppressed titles for 2014 is available in the Help section of the JCR.

You can filter by Open Access status and see the Open Access status on the Journal Profile page.

These new metrics are available:

  • Journal Impact Factor Percentile transforms the rank in category by Journal Impact Factor into a percentile, allowing more meaningful cross-category comparison. Available in the Rank table on the Journal Profile Pages.
  • Normalized Eigenfactor® is the Eigenfactor Score normalized, by rescaling the total number of journals in the JCR each year, so that the average journal has a score of 1. Journals can then be compared and influence measured by their score relative to 1. Available in both the Journal Rankings grid and on Journal Profile Pages.
  • Percentage of Articles in Citable Items gives information on what proportion of a journal’s citable items are Articles vs. Reviews. Available in both the Journal Rankings grid and on Journal Profile Pages

A presentation of all new features in 2015 Journal Citation reports can be viewed on YouTube (5.28 min).

The Journal Impact Factor

The Journal Impact Factor is the average number of times articles from a journal published in the past two years have been cited in the JCR year. For example, a 2014 Journal Impact Factor of 1.906 means that, on average, an article published in the journal in 2012 or 2013 received 1.906 citations in 2014. 

More information

More information about the Journal Impact Factor and other journal metrics is available in the online course Research Impacts: Sources and Metrics.

When you have questions about the JCR or the Journal Impact Factor, please contact Judith Gulpers.