Library Access browser extension expanded: links to articles and e-books

Do you encounter an article or e-book online? With the expanded Library Access browser extension you will see at a glance whether you have access to the article or the e-book. 

The Library Access browser extension will check in the background whether you have access to the article or the e-book via licenses provided by the Library. When you have access, but via a different website than the one you are visiting, a pop-up will appear with a link to the article or the e-book. 

When the EUR has no access, a search is performed to find a legal Open Access version of the article. The Unpaywall dataset is used for this search. When this also gives no result, you can request the item through interlibrary loan via the pop-up. 

The webpage can be the search result in a database like Scopus or EBSCO, but the extension also works with websites of publishers and online bookshops like Amazon. 

You can still use the Library Access browser extension to get access to licensed databases from home.

If you don’t have it yet, download the extension today!

With these simple steps you download Library Access for your favorite browser. (Unfortunately it’s not possible to add the extension in Firefox on a @wEURk computer.)

  1. Install the extension: Library Access
  2. Select Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)

When Library Access recognizes a DOI or ISBN on the website, a pop-up will appear. When you ignore this pop-up, it will not appear again during your browser session. By clicking the Library Access icon in your browser, you let the pop-up appear manually.

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