'Library Access': easy access to licensed content

Browsing the web for scholarly information? Download the Library Access browser extension to immediately see whether your library provides free access.

How does it work?

Library Access is a browser extension (add-on) that gives you simple and quick access to academic articles, journals and databases licensed by the library, wherever and whenever you decide to study.

When visiting a website with licensed material off-campus, Library Access will notify you with a pop-up giving you a link or a message about how to get access.

Download now, it’s free!

With these simple steps you can download Library Access for your browser (Chrome or Firefox):

  1. Install the extension at: www.leanlibrary.com/download
  2. Select your institution: Erasmus University Rotterdam
  3. Start searching
    Try for example www.jstor.org (when on-campus the Library Access icon shows green in the right-hand corner of your browser, and when off-campus it will give a message as well. You can always click on the icon to see your situation.)
  4. Login with your ERNA-ID when asked for

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