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Life after PhD: Career in academia or practice?

23 February 2017 | Life after PhD: Career in academia or

At Thursday 23 February 2017 the first session on Employability took place. Approximately fifteen PhD researchers were interested in the stories of Professor Sigrid Hemels (EUR and Allen & Overy) and Professor Sharon Oded (EUR and De Brauw).

Professor Sigrid Hemels started off with telling about her career that began in practice at KPMG Meijburg. After working a few years, she decided to pursue a PhD while working at the same time. She did this successfully, and her love for academia and practice has made her combining both fields: she now works for more than 13 years as a senior professional support lawyer at Allen & Overy and is of course professor of tax law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Professor Sharon Oded arrived late due to the traffic nightmare accompanying the storm on that day. However this turned out for the good, as it allowed us to listen to professor Oded while enjoying drinks, seated in a big circle. Professor Oded started his career in RILE and subsequently to his master study, he pursued a PhD at EDLE. Soon thereafter, he successfully made his way to practice. Prof. Sharon Oded also combines practice with academia, by working as a senior associate at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek and as a professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

EGSL looks back on a successful and fruitful first session on employability. More events and workshops will be organized on this theme throughout the year. Should you have any suggestions, please inform us via