Lifelong education for everybody sounds nice! Who's paying?

Every educated Dutch adult (4.4 million people) should receive a budget for ‘lifelong learning’. According to a government committee, everyone should be able to keep enriching themselves throughout their lives.

A commission headed by former GroenLinks leader Jolande Sap was asked by minister of Education Jet Bussemaker to dive into this issue. According to them, permanent jobs are very uncommon nowadays. And because the labour market changes rapidly, as a result of robotization for example, those who do not keep learning new skills can have a hard time finding a new job.

Sounds great, but who's paying? The budget should be funded by the government, employers, and the recepient. Apart from this budget there should also be a digital CV. Further training should also better reflect the needs of employees and the regions in which they operate. Finally, the commission urges better cooperation between all involved.

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