This love story might convince you to join a study association

Hubert and Nienke

The study associations are still recruiting for their committees – and there’s a thousand reasons why you should apply. It's good for your CV, you’ll learn tons, meet new people… Not convinced by these perks? Well, listen to this love story of a former committee and board member and become a believer.

‘I wanted to be active besides my studies, meet new people, work together and learn, so I decided to join the Economic Faculty Association Rotterdam (EFR) in 2007.

‘Did it give me what I expected? Absolutely, one hundred percent. When I started my job I had a significant advantage on others because of my CV, plus I know a lot of my friends from EFR.

‘But that’s not all. Two years after me, Nienke joined the board. I was on an advisory body with other former board members and we came together once in a while to help think about challenges, coach, and share our experiences. Nienke and I spoke to each other every now and again, and at one point worked on something that required us to speak on the phone on a structural basis.

‘With the end of the year in sight, I suddenly thought: wow, it would be a real shame if I can’t call Nienke anymore. That made me decide to ask her out to lunch. But she interpreted this as a kind of "business lunch". So when I started talking about my family, asking her about hers, about her hobbies, her past, she was kind of confused. Towards the end of the lunch it was clear to her that I had no business purposes.

‘Then I didn’t hear anything from her for two weeks and I thought, "Ok, she’s not interested". Then, suddenly, she asked me out to dinner. And two days later again. And the rest is history. We’ve been together for about four years now and have just bought a house together.’

And if you think this is an exception? Well, think again.

‘Yesterday evening three fellow board members came to visit, two of whom are dating. When I was on the board there was another couple, they also recently bought a house together. During our housewarming, another EFR-couple came into being. And two of my predecessors just had the first EFR-baby.

‘A study association is not a dating site. But you spend so much time with each other, you share the same passions, everyone’s ambitious. You go to dinner together, spend time at bars, at events, you often work until late. It’s like a work floor, but more intense. And that’s also a place where people meet love.

‘There are just so many reasons to become active within a study association, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. It allows you to create a new space for yourself, especially if you’re from another city or country. You gain so much experience. It’s fun, it gives you a head start on others. You’re in a group of people who are ambitious, want to reach goals together and are open to social interaction. And it allows you to lift yourself up on all those levels.'

Hubert de Nie, active in three committees and the board between 2007 and 2011, and in advisory bodies after that.

The committees are still recruiting, but you have to hurry! Look at your faculty website to find out which study association you can join.

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