Marco Varkevisser appointed endowed professor of Health Care Market Regulation

As of 1 November 2017, Marco Varkevisser has been appointed endowed professor of ‘Health Care Market Regulation’ at Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM). This new chair, which is partly sponsored by the Erasmus Trust Fund, will enable ESHPM to pursue its ambition of continuing to present itself as a national and international expertise centre in the field of health care market regulation.

For some time, Professor Marco Varkevisser has been exploring how the effectiveness, accessibility and affordability of health care can best be promoted via the organisation of a health care system. In many countries, market incentives are used increasingly often in health care. Competition between health care providers and insurance companies should supposedly then result in good health care for the right price. However, there are many specific reasons why ‘the invisible hand of the market’ does not produce optimal results in health care. More marketing is therefore not the solution to all problems. Neither is more government intervention. In this special sector, market regulation is therefore far from simple. On the contrary, it involves a complex search to find the right balance between the market and the authorities.

The new chair enables Varkevisser to use his research and education to contribute to the knowledge development required for good market regulation in health care. In other words, to achieve a combination of marketing and regulation which does justice to the public interests quality, accessibility and affordability of care. A good connection between theory and practice via cooperation with policy-makers, regulators and health care parties is an important goal here. One of the intended results is also the establishment of a European network for research and knowledge exchange in the field of health care market regulation.

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