More important role within research centre for Criminology department Erasmus School of Law

Michelle Muus

As of 1 April 2021, the Department of Criminology of Erasmus School of Law is the coordinator of CIROC, Centre for Information & Research on Organised Crime. CIROC was established twenty years ago by a couple of Dutch Universities and the Research and Documentation Centre (WODC).

The Centre was founded in 2001 by the Criminology departments of Erasmus School of Law, de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Utrecht University and the WODC. Later on, Maastricht University and Tilburg University joined CIROC. CIROC focuses on exchanging information between theory and practice and the disclosure of information about organised crime and the fight against it. The first ten year of its existence, the activities have been coordinated by VU. In the subsequent ten years, UU was the coordinating university of CIROC and now, as of April 1st Erasmus School of Law will take over the coordinating role.

Endowed Professor Henk de Bunt, Professor Richard Staring and Assistant Professor Robby Roks are the criminologists of Erasmus School of Law that are especially involved with the information centre as board members. Also, every year in Rotterdam, three or four CIROC seminars on a topical subject in the field of organised crime are held. With the addition of the secretaryship for the next ten years, the Department of Criminology of Erasmus School of Law gets an even more important role within CIROC.


Richard Staring

Assistant professor

Robby Roks

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