Nahda Shahada gives guest lectures on Palestine and Islam

Nahda Shehada at Burch University

Senior Lecturer Nahda Shehada recently gave two guest lectures at Sarajevo University and one at Burch University.

At Sarajevo University she lectured on:

  1. 'The Palestinian Authority in the current international system' in whish she briefly introduced the history of the Palestinian Authority. She went on to discuss the stagnation of the so-called peace process. The lecture was concluded by emphasizing the similarities between the Palestinian problem and that of South Africa and the importance of international solidarity in both cases.
  2. 'Islamic family law in comparative perspective'. In this lecture, Nahda Shehada discussed Islamic family law in the context of sociology of law. Modernization as a crucial part of the process of state building is one of the contributing elements for the differential application of Islamic family law in different contexts.

At Burch University, the lecture was on 'Islamic Feminism' in which she outlined the challenges for both Islamic feminists and women in general in the Middle East.

Erasmus +

The lectures were all part of the Erasmus + exchange programme.

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