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Website Landelijk Coördinatiepunt Research Data Management

How do we deal with the explosion of data we are facing in education and research in the Netherlands? How can we store all this data so that it remains accessible for reuse, also in the long term (Open Access)? How do we safeguard scientific integrity? The National Coordination Point facilitates a national strategy for research data management.

What does the National Coordination Point do?

The National Coordination Point supports the development and implementation of research data management policy for scientific research in the Netherlands and stimulates cooperation among the various stakeholders. Close cooperation with education and research institutions is crucial to this, allowing the Netherlands to efficiently and effectively develop and implement management policy for research data. How do we achieve this goal? By collecting and disseminating knowledge and information, bringing together the right people, facilitating existing initiatives, providing access to expertise and monitoring developments.

Core issues

The management of research data is multifaceted. Together with the institutions, we have identified five issues that the National Coordination Point will tackle: facilities and data infrastructure; legal aspects and ownership; finance; awareness of the benefits and support; and support of the researcher.