Nazi's were not rational and reticent

Charles Russel, "Overview of the mass roll-call of SA, SS and NSKK troops. Nuremberg, November 9, 1935" CC-BY-SA-3.0

In recent interviews, science philosopher Maarten Boudry claimed that jihadism is more dangerous than nazism, because jihadi's are more expressive about and proud of their murdering and torturing, whereas national socialists were more rational and reticent. Historian Pieter van den Heede disagreed and refuted Boudry's claims in an online article.

Van den Heede states that prominent figures of the nazi regime, such as Rudolf Höss and Odilo Globocnik, actually competed about the title of most 'successful' mass murderer of the Third Reich.

Also, the nazi regime was far from rationally organised. Many of its institutions and suborganisations competed with each other. In the words of historian Ian Kershaw, they were "working towards the Führer". This dynamic only enforced the murderous actions of the regime.

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