New Recall Procedure

Nieuwe Rappelprocedure

As of January 11, 2016 the University Library will change the rates for overdue books.

1st recall: free of charge
2nd recall: free of charge
3rd recall: free of charge, library card blocked
4th recall: € 5
Replacement costs: € 55

If you do not return the book in time you will receive a recall after the expiration date and subsequent recalls after the second, third and fourth week. Two weeks after the fourth recall you will receive a bill for the replacement of the book.

The loan period for books remains three weeks. If possible, you can extend the lending period yourself. 
Extending is not possible if:
 • the book has been reserved by another user;
 • three recalls for the book have already been sent;
 • you owe more than € 10.00 in overdue charges.

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