NWO funding Research Talent programme for Eva van Gemert, Kristel de Groot & Rik Joosen

Eva van Gemert (Sociology)
The Mediterranean rescue spectacle: The reconfiguration of the border as a humanitarian space

Since 2011, record numbers of migrants have crossed the Mediterranean Sea. While the European Union tightened its border control policy, groups of European citizens carried out rescue operations using their own boats. This project looks at the everyday work of these new humanitarian organisations in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the first study to focus on this 'civilian rescue fleet'. Using participative observation on board the rescue ships, interviews with rescue workers and migrants, and an analysis of their online activities, this project investigates how humanitarian interventions are becoming involved in the European border regime. This will provide new insights for policymakers and public debate.

Promotor: Prof. W. Schinkel

Kristel de Groot (Pscyhologie
The Broad Autism Spectrum: Not in a Box, but on a Line.

The autism spectrum hypothesis states that autistic traits lie on a continuum, ranging from typically developing (TD) individuals who show little autistic traits to severely impaired individuals diagnosed with the disorder. The research methods used to examine this hypothesis are, at the present time, not able to determine whether there truly is a continuum on which individuals diagnosed with ASD only differ quantitatively and not qualitatively from non-diagnosed individuals. The present research proposal tests the methodology used in research on this continuum view and looks at how this view can be applied within educational and clinical contexts.

Promotor: prof.dr. Jan van Strien

Rik Joosen (Public Administration)
Does reputation management work? On the efforts of EU agencies to increase regulatees’ trust

Agencies are becoming an increasingly important part of the institutional landscape of the European Union. These independent bodies are responsible for providing information on or regulating a specific sector of the European internal market. A good understanding between the sector being regulated and the agency itself is crucial because it ensures that companies provide agencies with the information they need to carry out their remit. This research will look at whether and how these agencies maintain their reputation among regulatees, and whether this approach generates trust.

Promotor: prof.dr. Markus Haverland

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Marjolein Kooistra, mediarelaties FSW, 010 408 2135 | 06 83676038 | kooistra@fsw.eur.nl 

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