Ode to friends

Just a couple of days ago I had a conversation with my Dutch friend and she told me how she could never do what I did: just leave everything behind and go live abroad. What about friends, family, native language?

But these things were never a reason to stop me from coming here. For some reason I didn’t think that it might be an issue to find friends or make connections. And good for me, because only when I came here I realised it might become a difficulty. For me this wasn’t a difficulty per se, but I just started seeing these friendships way differently.

Of course, most of the friends of an international person are also internationals. All of us are going through more or less the same problems, victories, worries and so on. So it is very beautiful how all of these people share and help each other. There is always a person who has been in that situation, has done that and might be able to help you. I am a person who doesn’t like asking for help whatsoever, but still, most of the things I do or achieve are with the help of my friends.

Thanks to the girl who helped me move two times. Thanks to the girl who gave me her old bed. To the guy who told me that the AH bonus card is for free. To the girl who always has medicine when you are in need. To the girl who always brings my favourite lipstick when she meets me because she feels that I might want to use it. To the guys who helped me make my mom’s birthday gift. And so many other people doing great things!

Where would I be now if not my friends… And these are the people I had no idea about 2 years ago! People from all around the world. People who also went out of their comfort zones and have so much stuff happening, but are still open to help anyone that is in need! Because understanding each other’s struggles makes you feel closer and you just want to share your experiences, so others could avoid some extra worrying. And this selflessness is beautiful.

I also think I experience bonding with a person way more intensely than I used to. Because how awesome is it when you find a person raised in a completely different family and culture, but with the same sense of humor or the same passions. One of my first pleasant shocks in here was meeting a girl from Jordan (Lithuania to Jordan - 3000km) who has similar tastes in practically everything. This also made me realise that I am not as special as I thought I was. It was a start of a beautiful friendship. Encountering people with nice vibes is such a gift, if you think about it. One conversation can make your day better. And I only started noticing and appreciating this recently. Especially when people get to know you and want to make you feel better and go an extra mile for you. When I was living in Lithuania I would never appreciate the greatness of people knowing you, feeling you and sharing their lives with you. That’s why an international experience is beautiful, because the previously simple things are not that simple anymore and can be seen from a different perspective.

So thank you, friends, who no matter how difficult it gets, still appreciate my presence and help me get through the rough days!

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