Online education and the Library

Online onderwijs en de bibliotheek

At the Erasmus Universty Rotterdam we take online education seriously. This is why on Wednesday 20 September the yearly bEURs online education event was organized for teachers, education advisors and supporting staff to catch up the EUR ambitions and to share and learn from our colleagues. The library strongly supports this development and presented our Training & Support portal: Information Literacy Skills.

In order to improve student’s skills in information literacy the library has developed broad range of e-modules for students from BA to PhD. 

What’s in it for you?

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, there is bound to be something on the training & support portal that will help you in your academic career. As a student you will get better at evaluating scholarly information and how to manage it, understand assignments better and so on. If you add all of these skills up you will spend less time reviewing and rewriting your work.

As a teacher you should have less correction work as the quality of the assignments handed in should be better.

Popular topics

Some of the most popular topics are:

​​​​​​​And many more can be found at the Training & Support Portal.