Payal Arora receives Education Prize

Dr. Payal Arora

On 4 September, the new academic year was officially opened with the Heartbeat Festival and a ceremony in the auditorium of the Erasmus Building. This year, the Education Prize was awarded to one of the ESHCC's lecturers: Dr Payal Arora (Media & Communication, ERMeCC).

According to the jury, Dr Arora is an inspiring lecturer and a true storyteller. The jury praises her contribution to the digitisation of education, her widely deployable educational innovations and how she presents herself as a lecturer to the outside world.

Students love the way in which Dr Arora creates an open and interesting educational environment and takes them out of their comfort zone. In doing so, she makes the difference in education.  

Other nominees

Fellow ESHCC lecturer Dr Etienne Augé (Media & Communication, ERMeCC) was also nominated. The jury had some positive words to say about him: "Dr Augé is constantly striving to improve his education and course material. His innovative character is also apparent outside the lecture hall. For example, he set up the CHIFT (Community for the Histories of Future) platform to further stimulate and research the production of Science Fiction in the Netherlands. Students praise him for his vision and his educational effectiveness and regard him as a very inspiring tutor."

Also, Prof. Maarten Frens from Erasmus MC was nominated. He was praised for developing new forms of teaching, courses and entire curricula. In March, he was one of the organisers for the March for Science in the Netherlands.

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