PhD defence of Jeanine Porck on Monday 16 December 2013

On Monday 16 December 2013 Jeanine Porck will defend her PhD thesis entitled 'No Team is an Island: an Integrative View of Strategic Consensus between Groups'. Her supervisor is Professor Patrick Groenen (Erasmus School of Economics) and Professor Daan Knippenberg (Rotterdam School of Management). Other members of the doctoral committee are Professor Franz Kellermans (University of North Carolina - Charlotte, USA), Dr. Steffen Giesner (Rotterdam School of Management) and Professor Pursey Heugens (Rotterdam School of Management) .

Time and location

The PhD defence will take place in the Senate Hall of Erasmus University Rotterdam (campus Woudestein) and will start at 13.30 hrs.

About Jeanine Porck

Jeanine Porck obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Master’s degree in Strategic Product Design from Delft University of Technology. In 2009, Jeanine started her PhD project at the Erasmus Research Institute of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam. She has served as chair of the University PhD Council (EPAR) during her PhD candidacy.

In her dissertation, she brings together topics from organizational behavior and strategic management to investigate the antecedents, contingencies, and outcomes of strategic consensus between groups in the domain of strategy implementation. Specifically, she focuses on how social identification, social network structures, and boundary spanning behaviors help or hinder organizational groups and management teams to coordinate and align their strategic efforts. Her work in this field has been supported by data collection at a variety of (inter-)national companies, where she consulted these companies during their strategy implementation with an objective diagnosis of the strategic alignment in their organization.

Jeanine presented her research at several international conferences including Academy of Management, Strategic Management Society and EURAM. Her research is currently under review in top management journals and joined work is forthcoming in the Strategic Management Journal.

Abstract of 'No Team is an Island: an Integrative View of Strategic Consensus between Groups'

Groups – teams, work groups, departments – are the building blocks of organizations, but ‘no team is an island’. Groups need to coordinate and align their strategic efforts for the organization at large to perform. To better understand how groups can integrate their strategic efforts to operate as parts of a bigger whole, this dissertation investigates the crucial yet under-researched topic of strategic consensus between groups. If groups have strategic consensus, shared understanding of the strategy, they are more likely to coordinate and integrate more effectively and better perform their collaborative tasks.

The four studies composing this dissertation (1) propose a new method to measure, visualize and aggregate individual cognition to group- and between group-level with a more comprehensive, integrative conceptualization of the multiple dimensions of consensus; (2) demonstrate that the group with the strongest group identification and the group with the lowest organizational identification in an organizational dyad respectively limit and foster achieving a high degree of strategic consensus between groups; (3) show that in a dyad the centrality of each group is a determining factor for the degree of consensus between the groups and the most central individuals are an important driver for strategic alignment between groups; (4) indicate that strategic consensus between groups and boundary spanning behavior are requisites for intergroup cooperation, and the effect of strategic consensus between groups on intergroup cooperation is moderated by the degree to which groups display boundary spanning behavior. Together these findings extend strategic management along behavioral lines, offering an integrative view of strategic consensus between groups.

More information

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