Please vote!

Foreign-national philosophers from Erasmus University Rotterdam ask Rotterdammers to consider their right to vote.


Dear Rotterdammers,

We hope you will caste your vote in the Tweede Kamerverkiezingen on March 15, 2017. We particularly hope that you vote in these elections, because we think they are especially important, and because we cannot vote ourselves.

Why can't we vote? We are foreign nationals living in Rotterdam, and we work at Erasmus University Rotterdam. We are keen to contribute to society in many ways, and on using our right to vote. We vote in our countries of origin, and can in some cases vote here in local elections (and some of us, in European elections). So we thought we'd take a moment to ask that you consider your right to vote in the Dutch Tweede Kamerverkiezingen.

Why do we hope that you vote? We try to be good public servants for this city and this country. We have come to Rotterdam and the Netherlands to do the best research we can and publish and present it under the name of Erasmus University, the city of Rotterdam, and the Netherlands. We work hard to attract the best researchers to come to Rotterdam and the Netherlands to present their work, and to have our work funded by Dutch and European research organizations. We contribute to providing teaching to you, your colleagues, and your children. The Netherlands in general and Rotterdam in particular became our new home, and we care about it greatly.

At Erasmus University Rotterdam, we strive for the best ideas, to better understand the world, to contribute to public debate, and to improve living conditions for everyone. As much as we try to contribute to Dutch science and society, the upcoming elections are in your hands as voters – and we’d never suggest whom you best vote for, of course! But we would like to ask you to cherish your right to vote and to make use of it. Please vote in the Tweede Kamerverkiezingen.

Thank you,

Dr. Constanze Binder, Dr. Christopher Clarke, Dr. Patrick Delaere, Dr. Tim de Mey, Dr. Conrad Heilmann

Foreign-National Philosophers who work at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Update: Yesterday, RTV Rijnmond interviewed Conrad Heilmann about the upcoming elections. To listen to the interview, click here