POPLIVE publishes Dutch live music audience research

Pop concert: dark silhouettes, red colors, mist and hands in the air

Why do we visit pop concerts and festivals? How often do we experience live music? What’s the most popular Dutch venue? What do concert visitors think about the use of smartphone cameras during the show? These and other questions are the subject of the Dutch live music audience research. POPLIVE researcher Martijn Mulder (ESHCC) surveyed the Dutch live audience to get insights in live music behavior and preferences. Furthermore, he was interviewed about this project by radio station KINK.

Before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Dutch live music industry was flourishing. 2019 was probably the best year ever for the industry, with millions of people visiting ten thousands of concerts and music festivals. Beside the fact that there are many explanations for this success, we wanted to get better insights in the Dutch live music consumer; who are they, what motivates them, which parts of live performances do they like and dislike? Almost 1200 live music visitors participated in the research, giving a reliable overview of the whole Dutch live population. 

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