Erasmus University College

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Erasmus University Rotterdam is working to create Erasmus University College (EUC). The planned high-level college is Erasmus University's step towards providing smaller-scale, intensive teaching, with a high success rate, located in the city's heart.

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High-level training

Erasmus University College will offer an international three-year bachelor programme in the Liberal Arts & Sciences. Students will study a wide range of subjects, from philosophy and psychology to maths and economics, before deciding on their master specialisation. Students can choose from three majors: Life Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities.

The high-level programme is small-scale and intensive which means many contact hours, a great deal of interaction among students and teachers, and groups comprising around ten students. Students will also take part in a wide extracurricular programme as part of their training in the arts, culture and languages.

Erasmus University College is intended for students who excel. Each year a limited number of students will be admitted, half of whom will have an international background. By the 2017-2018 academic year the College will offer places to more than 600 students.  There will be a staff of around 60, including the academic staff.


Erasmus University College will be housed in an historic building dating from 1923 (formerly the Museum of Education) located on the Nieuwemarkt in the centre of Rotterdam. The university entered into a partnership with the local authority for this venture in spring 2011.

The plan is to house students in the vicinity of the College. Erasmus University College is a residential programme with students living together in an academic community. Through this the university is also seeking to enliven the Rotterdam city centre.

The well-known architect Erick van Egeraat is designing the new accommodation for Erasmus University College. The original rich interior will be restored. The College will be an asset for the inner city and for Erasmus University.


in January 2012 a major step was taken towards founding Erasmus University College when the high-level programme passed the so-called macro efficiency of the Education Ministry. This means that the new English language institute has been recognised as an asset to the academic programmes offered in the Netherlands.

Accreditation of the new College, in other words obtaining the approval of the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO), is the last step before the new programme officially starts. The NVAO guarantees the standards of higher education in the Netherlands and Flanders and has to approve the College's curriculum. The assessment will be announced by mid-October at the latest.

Work on the premises on the Nieuwemarkt, in Rotterdam city centre will start in July 2012. In September 2013, with the launch of the centenary jubilee celebrations of Erasmus University Rotterdam, the new College will open its doors to the first cohort of students.

'Splendid start to the centenary year'

Erasmus University's Rector magnificus Professor Henk Schmidt: "This new, wide-ranging college fits in well with our endeavour to achieve greater internationalisation and excellence in higher education. What's more the planned launch of the College in September 2013 is a splendid start to our centenary year 2013-2014."