Educational partnerships between the three universities go back a long way: the three universities have several complete joint study programmes as well as study programmes and tracks in which they work closely together. The universities perfectly complement each other through the particular emphasis that each of them places on the study programme. 

The three universities intend to broaden and increase the attractiveness of the education they offer. It will become easier for students from Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam to take study programmes and courses of their choice at the three universities.

In terms of Master's programmes, the universities intend to expand upon existing collaboration and harmonise their specialisms. They are developing new multidisciplinary tracks, minors and Master's programmes that respond to key themes in society from Horizon 2020 (EU agenda) and the Top Sectors (NL). They are also developing education for professionals, including post-initial Masters courses. Many of these educational initiatives will be implemented within the centers.

At the Center for Education and Learning, educational experts and teaching specialists work together to improve the quality of teaching staff in university education and conduct research into measures for improving study success in academic education and into online learning.

Bachelor's programmes

Joint programmes
Life Science & Technology (in Dutch)(Leiden + TU Delft)
Molecular Science & Technology (in Dutch)(Leiden + TU Delft)
- Nanobiology (TU Delft + Erasmus)

Collaboration within study programmes
- Computer Science and Economics (Bachelor's track Leiden + Erasmus)
- (Applied) Mathematics (in Dutch)(Leiden + TU Delft)

Master's programmes and tracks

Joint programmes
- Industrial Ecology (Leiden + Delft) Collaboration within study programmes
- Bioinformatics (Leiden + Delft)
- Chinese Economy and Business (Erasmus + Leiden)
- Research in Astronomy (Leiden + Delft)


Security, Safety and Justice (Delft)
(The Hague Campus and TU Delft. Open to students of other universities) Medical Delta Minors:
Minor: Medicine
Minor: Doctor of the Future

PhD (Graduate School)

Casimir Research School (Physics; Leiden + Delft)

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