The Strategic Alliance will further intensify and expand the existing, successful collaboration in research and facilitate and promote new research alliances. These new alliances will focus primarily on key themes facing society in the 21st century. Exploring and tackling the most important scientific and social issues of the present-day calls for a multidisciplinary approach, in which fundamental and applied knowledge reinforce each other. Collaborative research also ensures a stronger position for continuing to play a key role as world leaders.

Leiden University, TU Delft and Erasmus University are located close to each other and complement each other effectively in terms of content and approach. This presents opportunities for research alliances that perfectly complement each other and whose very multidisciplinary character enables them to respond effectively to the key issues facing society that are part of the European research policy 2020 and the Dutch Top Sector policy (in Dutch). These issues focus on such areas as safety, health and sustainability. Multidisciplinary centers have been established on a number of these areas that transcend individual disciplines. This should lead to a stronger positioning and profiling of these specific areas within the three universities. 

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