Privacy in research: how to safeguard it?

Privacy in onderzoek, hoe doe je dat?

A great deal of research data contains privacy-sensitive information. How do we guarantee that personal data are processed adequately and securely?

This is an important topic for both researchers and the participants in research. The EUR takes privacy in research very seriously. Our starting point being that in our work, we ensure each other’s privacy and the privacy rights of those involved in our research and education. 

How we implement this within the EUR and what we can expect from faculty as well as support staff, is the focus of a series called: Privacy Meetings.

Privacy Days
The series starts with a Privacy Day on 19 October (Dutch-spoken) clarifying the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into force on 25 May 2018. This, of course, has consequences for everyone within EUR who works with personal data. On this day, the practical consequences of the GDPR in the context of academic research and education will be addressed. The English-spoken Privacy Meeting takes place on 30 November.

Safeguarding privacy in research, VSNU code of conduct
On 26 October 2017, you are invited to a public consultation of the new version of the VSNU Code of Conduct Processing Personal Data in Academic Research. The code of conduct is designed as a practical help and guidance for taking the appropriate measures in your research, provided you work with personal data. This meeting gives you the basic knowledge of the GDPR in research context that you need as a researcher or research support staff. On a practical level you will be able to assess the practical use of the code and improve the code with your suggestions.


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Marlon Domingus

Project manager RDM/University Library/Program Research Services

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