Prof. Martine Bouman wins Marc Cornelissen | Brightlands Award

Prof. Martine Bouman has received the Marc Cornelissen | Brightlands Award 2017 out of the hands of jury chairperson Maria van der Hoeven and Governor Theo Bovens. The award recognizes Bouman’s work as a groundbreaking pioneer in the field of entertainment education. 

From the jury report

“We are extremely impressed with Martine Bouman’s work. She has tapped into a theme that is extremely relevant for today’s society and for future generations. Her mission is not yet complete, due in part to a society and media landscape that are subject to change. We were particularly taken with the originality of her approach to this complex set of problems. It is not possible to solve challenges such as these with even more technology. What is really necessary is knowledge and insight into people’s behavior and social context, and mostly, how we can reach them. Martine Bouman has also had the courage to place a more or less secure academic career in the balance, and during her expedition, did not allow herself to be daunted by the philosophy of ‘measurement is key’."

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The Marc Cornelissen | Brightlands Award

In her words of thanks, Martine Bouman mentioned the resemblances that she discovered between her mission and the work of Marc Cornelissen, and thanked the family of Marc, who were present, for their commitment to establish this prize.

The award is named after Marc Cornelissen, who advocated a more sustainable society by doing research expeditions in the polar region. The award consists of a memento and a cash prize of € 25,000. Martine Bouman intends to spend the money to unite new players in the media landscape around themes like sustainability, health and social tolerance.