Professor Murshed speaking at a CESPIC event


On June 9 2017 ISS proffessor Murshed will speak at the Centro Europeo di Scienza della Pace, Integrazione e Cooperazione (CESPIC) event about Diversity Coexitance and Policy-making.

The event has been designed to analyse the issue of coexistence between diverse social groups with a special focus on actual policies taken by policy-makers in different scenarios. In other words, diversity and coexistence have to be taken into consideration not only with a positive approach but rather with a normative approach. In this respect I think we have an excellent variety of talks. I am sure you are giving a significant contribution in this respect. 

Professor Murshed will be speaking duirng this event about Horizontal Inequality and Public Policies. If you are interested in seeing the event it will be livestreamed online. 

Below you will find the full programme containing a list of all speakers. 

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