Professor recommends new library Information Skills Modules to instructors

Hoogleraar prijst nieuwe UB-modules Information Skills aan

In a short video, Professor Rolf Zwaan explains how students can benefit from brief explanations, videos and exercises at each stage of their academic literature research. Based on examples, he emphasises the increasing importance of information skills for students and instructors alike.

One of his main points in the video is that modern instructors and students may already know how to find relevant sources easily. However, a search on Google can create an avalanche of information, most of which may not be relevant to the student’s research topic. What students need is a more efficient way of finding reliable scholarly information. Library resources play an important role here.

Firstly, Zwaan feels that it leads to better sourced student papers and thus a better product. Secondly, it saves students time because they don’t have to sift through so many irrelevant or low quality sources. Thirdly, it will save instructors time because fewer comments about the quality of the sources used are needed.

Watch the video for the complete story by Rolf Zwaan (Professor of Biological and Cognitive Psychology /Institute of Psychology) on our Training & Support Portal.

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