Protect yourself against sexual violence with this cool gadget

The Invi team

Sexual violence should be stopped, everybody agrees on that. Erasmus University Rotterdam alumnus Roel van der Kamp, 28, is helping to accomplish this. His company Invi has developed a cool bracelet containing a secret weapon: a stink bomblet. Very James Bond-ish, but will it help?

Repulsive Odour

The bracelet is suitable for both men and women and safe to wear. The repulsive odour is released when the security pin on top is clicked off and you pull hard. 'But don’t do this unless absolutely necessary, because the smell carries about 100 metres and lasts for hours,' says Roel, who did his Masters in Management of Innovation.

Roel and a team of researchers created a 'disgusting' smell that evokes a very strong response. The idea is that the air becomes so pungent, you make yourself unattractive and the offender is likely to run off. The perfume is harmless and can be washed from clothes with soap and water.

Non-Violent Protest

Smell is a non-violent way of protesting, stressed Roel. 'We have spoken to police officers and psychologists. They think you can stop potential perpetrators without them becoming more violent.' Future versions of the bracelet may be equipped with a DNA spray to locate offenders.

Will it work? Rotterdam sure thinks so, it's supporting the trial (the bracelet is not on the market yet) with a grant of €66,000 from Citylab010.

Want to hear more? Roel is one of the guest speakers at the monthly talkshow Studio Erasmus, on 11 April at 20.00 sharp. More info here.

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