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Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam ranked as the best study program in the Netherlands. Not only this year, but according to one survey even for the last 12 years in a row. What makes it such a good one?


In various national surveys, the bachelor in Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam has been ranked the best study program in the Netherlands. The Keuzegids Universiteiten, a guidebook that helps Dutch students choose the right university, is particularly positive. It praises the content of the program, the lecturers, the focus on practice, as well as the course load. It’s the focus on practice in particular, meant to acquire professional skills, which is highlighted in this survey.

Lecturers, the curriculum and course structure
In an annual national survey conducted among students and professors by current affairs weekly Elsevier, EUR ranks first in all psychology courses in the Netherlands. Not only this year, but already for the 12th time. The individual and total scores of the program come out way above the average. It is above all the lecturers, the curriculum and the course structure that respondents value highly.

Problem-based learning method
Why a bachelor in Psychology in Rotterdam is different? To begin with: the both theoretical and practical approach to a wide range of subjects. And also the problem-based learning method, which enables students to study more efficiently. Working in small groups, they analyze concrete problems by obtaining their information from books, journals and digital media. Class discussions will strengthen the bond with fellow students and encourage everyone to succeed.

When asked whether the department is happy with their high ranking, they answered they were extremely proud. And when asked why they thought they are ranked number 1 for 12 years in a row now, they answered: ‘The main reason is the small-scale education. Groups of 12 students guided by one tutor, is something a lot of students really value.’

A complete package
And there is more. ‘The bachelor we offer treats a lot of different subjects. It is a broad study that is compatible with various master programs. Also we don’t teach our students just knowledge, but as well skills which prepare them for the job market. Moreover, students mention the new campus, library and online study material as distinguishing features.’  

Dutch educational system
In general, the Dutch education system is very highly regarded. The Universitas 21 Ranking, the only ranking that examines a country’s entire higher education system, puts the Netherlands in seventh place, above countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia. 

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