'(Re-)shaping boundaris in crisis a

'(Re-)shaping boundaries in crisis and crisis response'

Re-shaping boundaries in crisis and crisis response conference

Call for panels

Humanitarian Studies Conference 2018

The 5th bi-annual conference of the International Humanitarian Studies Association will take place at ISS in The Hague, The Netherlands from 27 to 29 August 2018.

Call for Panels

This conference invites panels that examine boundaries from all different angles, ranging from the intentions and practices of government control, international law, the ways in which people organize themselves in the face of crisis and, the rapid transformation of technological limits and the boundaries of humanitarian action. What are the new factors that are influencing the dynamics of crisis response and the dilemmas of humanitarian action? How to understand and respond to attempts by the EU to control refugee flows in and from Libya, north Africa and the Sahel? Is it possible to think of humanitarian crises as a way to move towards a uniting world with fewer boundaries?

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