Recent publication by Dr. Yijing Wang quoted in The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal quoted a recent publication by Dr. Yijing Wang, an Assistant Professor of Organizational and Corporate Communication at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication and Dr. Daniel Laufer, an Associate Professor of Marketing at the School of Marketing & International Business at Victoria University Wellington.

The article, entitled “When Another Firm’s Crisis Becomes Yours: How to Combat Crisis Contagion”, was published on 23 October. It reported how the researchers – Dr. Wang and Dr. Laufer, draw on real-world case studies to investigate when a reputational crisis spreads from one company to another and demonstrate each of the risk factors in the academic paper Guilty by Association: The Risk of Crisis Contagion, published earlier this month by the managerial journal Business Horizons. The Wall Street Journal article also mentioned valuable guidance this paper provided on ways companies can mitigate their risks and how to respond should they find themselves in a situation they did not cause.

The Wall Street Journal article is accessible through this link.

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