Registration for courses and tutorials block 1

Registration for tutorials in block 1 will open on 7 August and close on 4 September. Normally the registration closes five working days before the start of the new block, but for block 1 this has been extended until the start of the new academic year, 4 September.

Only first-year students are centrally registered for courses and tutorials after the Take-Off on 4 September. All other students (senior students, pre-master students, elective students, exchange students, master students) have to register themselves for courses and tutorials. Register yourself on time. 

Please note: first year pre-master and master students will receive instructions on how to register during the Take-Off. 

Subscribing for tutorials is possible through the Course guide. You can subscribe yourself for a course by clicking on 'Channel' on the page of a course on the right side of the screen. After this you can also subscribe yourself for tutorials, if necessary, on the page of a course. Subscribing for courses and tutorials is also still possible through SIN-Online.

When you have registered for the tutorials you can see the schedule in your Timetable. If all tutorial groups are full or if you need assistance, you should contact the Information Desk of the Education Service Centre in H6-02 before the end of the registration period.

When you are planning your tutorials for multiple courses, it is advised that you register in all your courses for groups with the same group number. This is important because when there are schedule changes in the future, timetable conflicts are avoided for these groups. Always check your personal timetable to see if you have timetable conflicts.

Repeaters (recidivists) need to register for the special tutorial group: 'RCDV group' or 'PREMSC group'. You are a recidivist if you meet the following requirements:
• You have met the attendance requirements in a former academic year and
• You have made an examination of this specific course in the same year.

If you meet these requirements, you have obtained a valid, though insufficient, result. A valid result is always registered in OSIRIS. If you do not meet these requirements, you will need to register for a normal tutorial group!

Please note: you have to be registered in a tutorial group to be able to make tests and assignments that count for the grading of the course. Many courses have such tests or assignments, which have to be done during the course.

Late registration
Not registered for a tutorial group? You can still register for a tutorial in the first week of the block, against payment of €20 administration costs per tutorial, through the website: late registration tutorials or at the Information Desk of the Education Service Centre (H6-02). You will be placed in a group that still has places available. Please note that it is your own responsibility if the late registration leads to problems with obligatory elements of a course.

It is important to note that you are always responsible yourself for meeting the attendance requirements and/or other requirements of the course. A registration at the Information Desk does not imply that you still will be able to meet the requirements of the course.

See also: Registering for tutorials.
Questions? Contact the Information Desk of the Education Service Centre (H6-02) for more information or help concerning registration for tutorials.