Renovation update: sneak preview and opening date

Between 12.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. on Tuesday 21 February, students and staff are welcome to come and view the results so far. Enter via the new entrance on Institutenlaan and experience the new areas. The architect and the renovation team will be present to explain everything and… we are offering you a glimpse of the end result.

University Library expected to open on Monday 29 May 2017
With the completion of the University Library building at the end of January, we now know the expected opening date of the renovated University Library: Monday 29 May. From that date, students can study there again. Before then, however, the UL will be a hive of activity. Firstly, there will be the final architectural modifications and the installation of the new artworks (you can still take part in ‘be part of our art’ until 17 February). Then the furniture will be installed, along with the books in open shelving, the ICT connections and the organisation of the services. Just before the actual move, the library will be organising a user simulation, in which the organisation will be ‘fine-tuned’ using test persons.