Resource collection History renewed and collection expanded!

Bronnenportal Geschiedenis vernieuwd en collectie uitgebreid

In close agreement with the Department of History at the ESHCC, the resource collection History on the Library website has been renewed recently. The presented resources were reviewed and reordered to create a selection that better matches the way in which the department teaches about historical sources. 

Next to that, the Library bought databases containing English language historical source material to facilitate the newly created International Bachelor of History. These databases can be found via the renewed portal. They are:

Newspaper articles – see under ‘Press:

  • 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection – English language newspapers, pamphlets, proclamations etc. from the Early Modern Age.
  • 19th Century British Newspapers. 

Parliamentary information - see under ‘Government:

  • 19th Century House of Commons Parliamentary Papers – Divers source material of the British House of Commons, a.o. the official report of the debates.
  • 20th Century House of Commons Parliamentary Papers.
  • USA Historical Government Documents – Divers source material of the American Congress and the American government from the period 1789-1994, a.o. the reports of the debates in the House of Representatives and the Senate. 

Apart from paid databases (recognizable from the lock-icon), there is a wide range of free historical source and data collections available on the internet. Together with the department, the Library selected online collections that are especially relevant for the history education at EUR. These have been placed on the portal too, each provided with a short description.