sEURch: new login procedure for EUR staff and students

sEURch: nieuwe inlogprocedure voor EUR-studenten en

As of September 26, EUR staff and students log in with their ERNA username and ERNA password.

How does it work
When you find a book in sEURch, click on the button Place Hold. 
A menu with two options appears:

  • Login with ERNA account
  • Users without ERNA account: login with library account

Click on: ‘Login with ERNA account’

The Single Sign On screen appears, fill in your ERNA credentials.

For borrowers without an ERNA username:  
Borrowers,who already have a library account, click on the button:
'Users without ERNA account: login with library account’.  

Log in with your user name (=library card number) and library password. 

No library account? Follow the instructions for creating a library account:

  • Set/reset password;
  • Enter your current library card number (as usual);
  • Click on Request new password;
  • You will receive an email containing a link. Click on the link.;
  • Re-enter your library card number, choose a password and confirm it.

EUR staff will receive their new library card when collecting books at the circulation desk. 
EUR students will use their student card as library card.  
All other library members will keep their current library card.

For more information you can use our online form.