Since the spring break is over, block 5 kicks off and it is time for the newsletter of May.

At the beginning of April the Rotterdam Marathon took place. Over 550 students, employees and alumni ran the ¼ Marathon and managed to raise more than €30.000,- for the Erasmus Trust Fund. FAECTOR participated with a team of 5 runners and won the team Erasmus Charity Run competition. The fastest runner, Wouter Jansen, managed to complete the run within 35 minutes!

The Monday after the Rotterdam Marathon we hosted a second board interest drink at the Paviljoen. Since the deadline for the applications has passed, the new board will be announced soon. You might ask, when exactly is “soon”? On the 18th of May we will be organising a board announcement drink, more information about that will follow.

In April the students that participated in the International Research Project 2015/2016 enjoyed a reunion. With a flight above the city of Rotterdam and a typical African dinner in the city center, the best memories were relived.

After those fun activities it was time for some relaxation during Easter. However, the exams took place in the next week so there was not that much time for searching easter eggs. When everyone finished their exams, a group of 16 students went to the beautiful city of Vienna: our very first Business Trip! Together they visited several companies like Microsoft, Roland Berger and the headquarters of the United Nations.

On May 2, a group of students will enjoy an inhouse day at Optiver. This inhouse day will be a unique event as it will host a poker tournament. Besides this, some professional poker players will teach us how to become rich without using Econometrics.

Do you feel like you missed something last month? No problem, in May we will be organising a lot of great activities too. Thursday, May 4 the last after exam drink will take place. Beers, wine and soda for 50 cents and the Freshmen Committee will host a karaoke contest!

On Monday the 8th of May, the City Trip participant will have the opportunity to share their experiences once again during a reunion dinner at the Mexican restaurant Popocatepetl.

As indicated earlier, on the 18th of May the 52nd board will be announced. More information about this event will follow soon. Later that night the yearly Interfaculty Party takes place, this time in club Nora. Ensure yourself of a ticket by clicking here.

Thursday May 25, the Active Members of FAECTOR will enjoy a true hitchhiking competition. In the morning, they will receive an envelope with the destination whereafter the race starts. Do you want to become an active member too? At the beginning of the new study year the committee applications will open again.

Last but definitely not least, on the 27th of May RECNET (Rotterdam Econometricians Network) will organise a boat drink through the canals of Amsterdam for FAECTOR’s alumni. RECNET makes sure that you will stay in contact with your fellow Econometrics students after your studies. For more information have a look at our brand new Facebook page.