Testing phase starts 29 May

Fine tunen Bibliotheek start 29 Mei

This means that our scheduled Early Bird weeks are cancelled. Due to belated delivery, the study furniture will arrive at our library in a different logistic order then we hoped for.

We wanted you to help us tune our building and facilities just before May 29. Now, we will offer all our users the direct opportunity to do this as from May 29.  Within the theme ‘Welcome Home’, we will arrange several activities during the first 30 days, in order to collect our users’ feedback personally. So help us finetune your study environment and our services and together we will tackle those issues that might come up with the first use of the renewed library building.

There still is an Early Bird incentive for you to gain… On 29 May at 8:00 hrs., the first 10 students that enter our doors at the Institutenlaan will receive a very special ‘Welcome Home Treatment’ that day! So, do you wanna be our Early Bird VIP? Be there before 8:00 hrs.!