TOP Update February 2022: Discover the power of heartintelligence and learn about our new training Effective and pleasant working from home/hybrid working

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  • In the spotlight: Heart intelligence: Your heart as a coach
    On 7 March, the training Heart Intelligence: Your Heart as a Coach will start. In this training you'll learn how to connect with the intelligence of your heart. By connecting with your heart intelligence, you increase your inner peace, self-confidence and decisiveness.
    Would you like to know more about heart intelligence? Read the interview with trainer Kirsten-Ann, in which she explains what heart intelligence is and which methods she uses in the training to get participants in touch with their heart intelligence. The interview and training are in Dutch. 
    >>> Read the interview

  • New: Effective and pleasant working from home/hybrid working
    TOP previously offered the course Working effectively and pleasantly from home. This training has now been adapted to the current circumstances, in which many of us work partly at home and partly at the office. This hybrid working allows employees to take more control of their work/life balance, but it comes with challenges too: How do you structure your day? How do you determine which tasks to perform where? And how do you do this in consultation with your colleagues? In the training starting on 22 March, you'll learn how to optimally organise your work and your workplace, at both the office and at home, so you can benefit from the advantages of hybrid working. This training is in Dutch. 
    >>> More information about the training

  • TOP tip: Podcast Mindful working
    How do you let go of work at the end of the day? How do you relaxs on a busy working day? And how do you stay motivated in difficult times? In the podcast Mindful working, mindfulness trainer Lisa Langenkamp answers these and other questions. In the podcast you'll also find several short meditations.
    Are you inspired and do you want to start with mindfulness yourself? Join the Workplace Mindfulness training offered by TOP! In this training you'll learn how to use mindfulness techniques to reduce stress at work. The training starts on 10 March. This training is in Dutch. 
    >>> More information about the training

  • GoodHabitz: Training Information Security
    GoodHabitz is the online learning platform of the EUR. Here you will find an extensive range of online courses, which are available to you 24/7. Every month TOP tips a course from GoodHabitz. This month, we put the Information Security training in the spotlight.
    The news regularly features reports of major data breaches at organisations, with personal data illegally ending up in the hands of others. Known ways of doing this are phishing or spreading malware. Organisations are obliged to protect sensitive information as best as possible, so it cannot fall into the wrong hands. Do you want to know what you can do to handle your information safely? Follow the course 'Information security' on GoodHabitz!
    >>> Visit GoodHabitz

  • TOP tip: EUR Design Toolkit 
    Design Thinking helps you solve complex issues in a creative and structured way. The design thinking process encourages co-creation, puts people at the center and emphasises learning by doing. Would you like to get started with Design Thinking? Take a look at the EUR's Design Toolkit. In this toolkit you'll find a variety of Design Thinking tools. The design toolkit is only available in Dutch.
    Would you like to get started with Design Thinking under the guidance of an experienced trainer? Then the TOP training Design Thinking Fundamentals is for you! This training will introduce you to the basic principles of Design Thinking and learn you how to apply these to your work. The training starts on 10 March. Language: Dutch. 
    >>> More information about the training

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