Trial: Routledge Handbooks Online

The University Library now provides trial access to Routledge Handbooks Online (RHO) till 1 March 2018.

Routledge Handbooks Online is a huge collection of peer-reviewed handbooks spanning 44 diverse subject areas, with an emphasis on the humanities and social sciences (27 collections). Every handbook is edited by leading scholars, is peer-reviewed, and gives a definitive overview of a whole subject area or sub-discipline.

The chapters are very useful for getting a general overview of a topic and make good starting points for further research. Chapters can be viewed in HTML or downloaded as a PDF.

Titles include: Routledge International Handbook of Sustainable Development, Routledge Handbook of Global Environmental Politics, Routledge Handbook of International Human Rights Law, Handbook of Autoethnography, Routledge International Handbook of Migration Studies



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The free trial ends on 1 March 2018.

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